On the behalf of the organizing committee of International Symposium on, Microscopy & Microanalysis of Materials (ISMMM 2016), we are pleased to invite you to the symposium that will be held from September 23~26th, 2016, in Southeast University, Nanjing, China.
    With the concept of “making the young scientist knows each other even when they are very younger”, the first ISMMM was organized and successfully held in Changwon National University, Korea in the Autumn of 2015. The ISMMM has the programs of lectures, oral and poster presentation, and particularly, providing to graduated students who majored in materials science from China, Korean and Japan, a good and helpful opportunity to get familiar with each other.
    The microscopy and microanalysis play a very important role on all orientations of the materials science. Colleagues in materials science are warmly welcome to attend the ISMMM2016. The ISMMM2016 will also organize lectures including the microanalysis methods “from macro to atoms”.

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